We welcome any male Veteran with at least one day of active duty other than training, who has a desire to be clean and sober, has a discharge other than dishonorable and wants to improve his situation to contact a staff member and arrange to tour the facility and schedule a screening. We understand that nobody is perfect and expect to encounter clients with criminal histories. We welcome the opportunity to work with the barriers to the best of our ability. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accommodate anyone who has been convicted of a sex crime. For more information, please call (503) 364-1728.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicant is required to be a veteran and not have a dishonorable discharge.
  2. Applicant is required to be homeless or at risk of being homeless.
  3. Applicant is required to be clean and sober at time of enrollment and throughout program. This includes marijuana usage.
  4. Applicant should not have the following convictions: violence, sex offense, arson. Applicants will receive criminal background checks prior to admission for a $25.00 fee paid by the applicant.
  5. Applicant is required to have an income source or are working toward developing an income source.
  6. Applicant is required to pay 30% of net monthly income towards program fee and are required to save 20% of income to facilitate transition to independent living.
  7. Applicant must have the desire to obtain life skills leading towards independent living.
  8. Applicant is required to provide unassisted self-care. Self-care includes, but is not limited to waking up, getting into or out of bed, eating, and bathing, using the toilet and cleaning up after yourself.
  9. Applicant will take all medications as prescribed on your own.
  10. Applicant must be able to co-exist in a cooperative living environment and be able to respond positively to behavioral redirection.
  11. Applicant will attend regular house meetings.
  12. As part of the treatment plan, the applicant may be required to attend group and/or individual counseling with a Mental Health or Chemical Dependency professional.
  13. As part of the case management plan, the applicant may be required to participate in job search activities, vocational assessment, resume preparation, and volunteer work opportunities on-site and in the community.
  14. As part of the case management plan, applicant is required to seek independent housing opportunities for future housing needs.
  15. As part of the case management plan, applicant may agree to follow-up case management services for 180 days after completion of the program.